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toxicity Everyday, each of us is exposed to thousands of toxic substances: irritants, corrosives, allergens, asphyxiants, neurotoxins, phthalates, furans, pesticides, PCB's. It's estimated that there are now over 100,000 toxic chemicals in our environment, a quarter of them carcinogens. The average food basket from a U.S. supermarket contains around 70 pesticide residues. We continue to raise our body toxicity with our facial and shaving creams, our toothpastes, our chemical-laden soft drinks, our artificially flavored and preservative-drenched foods, our household cleaners, our disinfectants, our deodorants, our shampoos. General rule: if you can't understand what the ingredient is on the label or it's got some of mystery number after it, it's probably a toxic chemical.

MSNBC "How Toxic Are We" Video
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heavy metals toxicityIt is easy for the majority of us to dismiss these toxicity issues. We don't see the toxins, and their effects on us are cumulative. We can live for decades, thinking our bodies are coping and adjusting, not realizing that the toll of toxicity is cumulative and wreaking havoc on any anti-aging aspirations we may have. Even chronic low-level exposure damages our immune system and interferes with enzyme activity, hormone balance, cell growth, and brain function. Over decades of exposure, this damage on our bodies leads to lower vitality and, should our immune system remain compromised, eventually to vascular disease, cancer, liver poisoning, and mental health ailments.

Consider This Disturbing Information:

  • Chloride and fluoride chemicals in municipal drinking water supplies have been linked to increased risks of brain diseases and cancer.
  • Coal-burning plants emissions are the single largest source of mercury air pollution, accounting for 34% percent of the total mercury emitted by all known sources. Coal-fired plants emitted 46 tons of mercury in 1990. They are expected to emit 60 tons by 2010, a 33% increase.
  • Mercury exposure can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune systems of humans. There are some studies suggesting high mercury exposure as an infant increases the risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder. Mercury pollution in rivers is already so pervasive that most of us expose ourselves to further doses of mercury when we consume freshwater fish.
  • About half of all Americans breathe unhealthy amounts of ozone air pollution (smog).
  • In a study performed by the Soil Association, 84 percent of fruits and vegetables given to school children contained one pesticide.

What can we do? First, minimize exposure to harmful chemicals and undergo regular detoxification. We can do that by consuming organic, unprocessed foods and pure water and shunning chemical-cocktail cosmetics and toiletries. Second, put a few drops of activated liquid zeolite into water or a favorite beverage three times per day.

Natural Cellular Defense structure A zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral formed by a process known as divitrification, when volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater. They have a molecular stacked-cage or honeycomb structure and an overall negative charge. The molecular-size zeolite cages come ready-packed with positively charged metal ions such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which balance out their negative charge to make them more electronically stable. Yet the door of 'cage' remains open; if another charged metal ion, free radical, viral particle or excess proton comes along with a greater affinity to the zeolite cage, then this toxin will exchange with the metal ion already in the box. It is this exchange property of zeolite which gives it its remarkable detoxification properties.

"Science of Liquid Zeolite" Video
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Zeolites have been around for close to a thousand years, used mainly in traditional Asian remedies. Twenty tons of zeolite was dropped on the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in 1986 to soak up radioactivity. Zeolites were dropped in the oceans surrounding the Fukashima nuclear disaster site in 2011.  NASA uses zeolites in their shuttle life-support systems. While beneficial to health, the powdered forms of zeolite, all that was previously available, had a major drawback: the powdered zeolite may have already attracted toxins to itself from nature, thereby reducing its cleansing properties. The zeolite was not really pure ... until now.

"Zeolite For Thyroid Issues" Video
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liquid zeolite Activated liquid zeolite is a brand new health supplement that uses a unique manufacturing process that not only removes all impurities from the starting zeolite mineral but 'activates' the free-floating cages so that they are preloaded with magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous ions which not only exchange easily with heavy metals but are also healthy for the body. This patented process makes the zeolite up to twenty times more potent than the powdered forms. The supplement is so efficient that just 100 drops has the equivalent toxin absorption area of nearly 8m². There is no other health supplement on the market that is as pure or as effective as a detox for the body. Many of its cleansing benefits can be found by clicking here. This form of liquid zeolite features on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's 'Generally Recognized As Safe' (GRAS) list.

Oral liquid zeolite is the brainchild of Harvey Kaufman who spent fourteen years in its development and application. The manufacturing process uses the same top grade zeolite used by NASA as a starting material, sourced from mines in Montana and Texas known for their zeolite purity, before putting the rock through a liquidation, purification and activation process at high temperature.